CEIM Visit to Slovakian Dams

Five CEIM representatives recently had a unique and invaluable experience to visit dams in Slovakia. The purpose of this trip was to gain knowledge from Slovakia’s building and exploitating of dams and to exchange our experiences. The trip lasted 5 days from 5-10 May 2014 and was organised by the Macedonian Committee for High Dams.

Construction of the A2 Highway, Kicevo-Ohrid

CEIM was commissioned by the National and Regional Roads of Macedonia in March 2014 to supervise the A2 highway from Kicevo-Podmolje-Ohrid. This significant project is part of a larger project to build a European corridor 8, East to West of Macedonia. This highway has a total length of 57km, and there will be two tunnels constructed with a length of 3.97m in total, and 54 bridges, viaducts, overpasses and underpasses.