Find out more about the CINDERELA project

CINDERELA (New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction) is a large-scale demonstration project implemented under the flagship of the Horizon 2020 EU Programme. The objective for the project is to design and demonstrate under real conditions a circular economy business model dedicated to the urban construction sector called CinderCEBM.

Open call for stakeholders – RIS-CuRE

Regarding the ongoing RIS-CuRE Zero waste recovery project of copper tailings in the ESEE region, which has an open call for potential stakeholders/external experts who would like to be involved in the project, we inform you that a link has been published with available on-line forms (for individuals and organizations) that can be signed on a computer or smartphone.

Technical Committee 45 – BIM

On 07.10.2020, in the premises of the Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia – CEIM was held a constitutive session of the Technical Committee 45 (TC 45): Information Modeling of Buildings (BIM), within the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

First Event – RESONATE

The first event “Promotion of results from analysis” of the project Development of Professional Courses in Sustainable Water Management (#Resonate) took place on 30 September in Skopje. On this national multiplier event survey and benchmark results and reports were promoted, as well as the Professional Program in Sustainable Water Management.

Marathon Relay – EU for Sport

Sports greetings to our marathoners this year who were part of the Skopje Marathon and for who knows how many times made us proud of their employees.Proof that there are no borders in sports is the team of GIM, composed of 4 competitors who participated in the Relay Marathon – EU for Sport who ran 42,195 meters with joint forces.