Training for Geo-drilling for the production of investigative, hydrogeological, geotechnical and injection holes


Training for Geo-drilling for the production of investigative, hydrogeological, geotechnical and injection holes

обука геодупчачи
Private Scientific Institution, Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy, in cooperation with Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia - GIM, announces the training for Geo-drilling for the development of Investigative, Hydrogeological, Geotechnical and Injection Holes for the unemployed.
- aged up to 40 years
- completed at least secondary vocational (desirable geological-mining, metallurgical or construction vocation) and gymnasium education
- capable of performing work and work tasks from the category of medium risk
- Possession of driving license B category, active driver
- Basic knowledge of English and Serbian
- with a desire to work on the field and work abroad
Who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills of a geo-engineer (deficient personnel in the Republic of Macedonia) to apply for the training.Objectives of the training:
With this training, the interested persons will acquire the skills and knowledge for handling the drilling unit and the whole process of drilling, repair and their characteristics during drilling, as well as recognizing various types of holes, controlling the measuring instruments, adjusting the drilling mode in consistent with the geotechnical characteristics of the rocks through which the hollows pass, etc. ie they are in accordance with the Geo-Training Program.

Methodology of work:
The training will be realized in Skopje with a combination of field training and classroom instruction for a period of 6 months, organized as follows
- Theory 86 hours
- Practice 173 hours and
- Evaluation 29 hours

The training will be realized in accordance with the Training Program verified by the Ministry of Education and Science with the decision MPL no. 12-989 from 13.07.2017, and the persons who regularly attended the training will receive a Certificate for completed training.

Expected results of the program are:
- analyze, plan and organize the work
- make preparations at the workplace (on the ground, machines and tools)
- to prepare investigative holes, hydrogeological holes and wells, geotechnical holes and injection holes
- carry out administrative work
- ensure quality of work
- maintain machines and tools for work
- communicate with collaborators and protect the work and the environment

The training is free.

The best participants in the training are offered the possibility for employment in the Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia.

Persons who are interested in participating in the training can receive all necessary additional information at the following telephone number 30 91 931, at the e-mail address or directly at the premises of the PNU Institute for Research in the Environment, Construction and Energy on the street. Dresden no. 52 municipality of Karposh, Skopje.

Applications with a CV, diploma, a copy of the driver's license and other certificates and certificates can be submitted directly at the premises of the PEG IEGE or by e-mail to the following address