Workshop of BIMcert – project funded by Horizon 2020


Workshop of BIMcert - project funded by Horizon 2020

The Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy - IECE founded by the Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia - CEIM, which is part of the project consortium of BIMcert - project financed by Horizon 2020, organized the BIMcert workshop with representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Authorized Architects and engineers in Macedonia, representatives of the business sector and academies.
The aim of the workshop was to present the BIMcert project to the Macedonian construction sector, to present the results of the conducted survey and to answer the question what is actually BIMcert.Several discussions were held at the workshop on the importance and the need of the BIMcert training program for professionals in the construction sector, using digital technology and improved training techniques to support, improve and maximize the impact of energy efficiency skills at all operating levels in within the modern construction sector.

The project started in March 2018 and will end in October 2019, while the next step will be to check whether the results of the survey correspond to the actual picture, thus allowing the construction sector to consider the proposals before finally finishing.