Inter-laboratory Comparison organized by CEIM


Inter-laboratory Comparison organized by CEIM

In order to raise the level of quality in the field of laboratory testing of building materials on 14.11.2018, in organization of Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia AD Skopje, Laboratory Department, ABC Sector was held Inter-laboratory Comparison.


12 Laboratories participated at the meeting:

- Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia
- Institute for Materials Research and Development of New Technologies Skopje
- Euro Consulting Skopje
- Euro Road Design Skopje
- GD Granit AD Skopje
- DG Beton AD Skopje
- Faculty of Civil Engineering, Skopje
- State University Tetovo Laboratory for Material Testing
- Labing Skopje
- GI Montenegro Podgorica
- Geing Krebs und Kiefer Skopje
- Geocontrol Skopje

The Inter-laboratory Comparison covered a total of 54 testing methods in the field of fresh and hardened concrete, steel, cement, mortar, water, additives and concrete prefabricates.

For more photos of the meeting click here.