Leaders in sustainable development


Leaders in sustainable development

Civil Engineering Institute “Macedonia" JSC Skopje received a recognition in the category “Companies – Leaders in sustainable development, strategically positioned to create sustainable business and through their specific platform or initiative contribute to reaching one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals 2019”.


Additionally, as part of this project, Martina Blinkova Donchevska, working in the Department for Environment in IECE, officially received the award “Leaders of the Sustainable Development Goals 2019! The award category is “Individuals working in companies who, through their work in the company, have initiated a programme or a change leading to the actualization of any of the Sustainable Development Goals”, and the ECO-CALENDAR initiative was recognized as a positive action towards the establishment of sustainable practices in IECE and CEIM.  


The award was officially presented by Mr. Nicola Bertolini from the Delegation of the European Union, Mr. Kocho Angjushev, Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in the Government and Mr. Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative in the country.


The call was announced in the framework of the project “Building intersectoral partnerships for sustainable development” funded by the European Union and implemented by Konekt, AGORA and the Global Compact Network from Bulgaria.

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