The main goal of RIS-RECOVER project


The main goal of RIS-RECOVER project

Mining tailings and metallurgical heaps can pose a substantial risk to the environment, due to their large quantity and composition, while on the other hand represents valuable sources of secondary raw materials, including critical raw materials.


The main goal of RIS-RECOVER project is to bring together industry, research/education, government, general public and environment sectors in shaping novel zero waste paradigm for mining tailing and metallurgical heaps in order to increase competitiveness and innovation potential of the regional knowledge triangle. The project activities are based on the current state of the regional environment (e.g. waste management, legislation, regional knowledge) and the latest know-how of the RIS- RECOVER consortium. The novel zero waste paradigm is focused on the extraction of valuable raw materials from mining tailings and metallurgical heaps and recycling of remaining residues into materials for the construction sector.


The main output of the project will be a  regional innovation scheme based on validated and fact-based data. Such validated approach will be transferred to other parts of RIS region and across Europe.