Konsko Dam – Accumulation for development of Gevgelija Region


Konsko Dam – Accumulation for development of Gevgelija Region

About 60 percent of the construction of one of the most significant structures in Gevgelijsko Field – Konsko Dam is completed.


Konsko Dam is of exceptional importance for irrigation of the agricultural surfaces in this region, but at the same time, this dam has a multifunctional purpose.


The construction of the dam will provide a regular supply of qualitative drinking water, irrigation the agricultural areas, manufacturing electrical energy, but it will also mean water supply provided for Salvation of Dojran Lake. Konsko Dam will provide water for irrigation of new eight thousand hectares of agricultural areas, thereby increasing the irrigated agricultural areas for five-time.


Also, the artificial lake of Konsko Dam located right under the recreational locality Smrdliva Voda on Kozhuv, at only 20 kilometres distanced from the town is new content in the local tourist offer of Gevgelija.


Globally, this will mean increasing of the economic growth, the living standard of the population, improvement of the health and quality of life of the citizens in this entire region and development of Gevgelija Municipality at several levels.


The water supply as an economic branch is one of the key fields, and through its development, all strategic plans for progress are being realized. The dams with accumulations provide multi-purpose using the waters, contribute to energy stability and food safety at national and regional level, and are therefore one of the most important priority investments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy intended for agricultural development.


Read more in the publication by our dear colleagues Slavcho Mihajlovski, B. Sc. in Civil Engineering and Igor Nikoloski, B. Sc. in Civil Engineering in the new edition of Porta 3.