Zero Emission Mobility


Zero Emission Mobility

We acknowledged the employees of CEIM and IEGE who used "Zero Emission Mobility" during the European Mobility Week (September 16-22), as evidenced by reports from the Strava application.


Suzana Kasovska Georgieva and Gjoko Vesovski had the largest number of kilometres cycled to and from work, and the director Gjorgji Goshev managed to cover 57km by bike in just one day.


In honour of the winner Ivana Gerchakova (who combined cycling, walking, swimming, running) a decorative evergreen seedling was planted, with a label with her name in the yard of GIM.


Congratulations to all the employees who through their participation contributed to cleaner air and less carbon footprint in the cities, fewer traffic jams and a healthier, more diverse, and at the same time more fun way of transportation.