First Event – RESONATE


First Event - RESONATE

The first event “Promotion of results from analysis” of the project Development of Professional Courses in Sustainable Water Management (#Resonate) took place on 30 September in Skopje.

On this national multiplier event survey and benchmark results and reports were promoted, as well as the Professional Program in Sustainable Water Management.

During the event, the General Executive Director of the Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA, Mr. Vlatko Ivanov stated:

"The Resonate project is another in a series of successful projects, which is in the phase of implementation. The project will offer us valuable materials for education in the field of Hydrotechnics and Hydrogeology. It is with great pleasure that our employees exchanged experience and knowledge with our partners, through the co-creation of the curriculum and learning materials. From next year, this program will be implemented in four European countries where 50 professionals will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge of sustainable water management in an international environment.
In such a symbiotic relationship with our partners in the project, we manage to create new value, based on shared knowledge, which will find direct use in operational processes, when performing work tasks in companies and institutions. "

The project Resonate is funded by Erasmus+ Program, Key action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic partnerships for vocational education and training - VET.

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