Technical Committee 45 – BIM


Technical Committee 45 - BIM

On 07.10.2020, in the premises of the Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia - CEIM was held a constitutive session of the Technical Committee 45 (TC 45): Information Modeling of Buildings (BIM), within the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.


TC 45 will work on the preparation and adoption of national standards in the field of digital technologies (BIM) in the construction sector.


Members of TC 45 are representatives of institutions engaged in various areas of expertise in the construction sector:
- Faculty of Civil Engineering - Skopje
- Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology - IZIIS
- Chamber Economic Chamber of Macedonia Economic Chamber of Macedonia
- Association of civil engineers and constructors of the Republic of S. Macedonia
- Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia - CEIM
- Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy - IECE


Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia is the submitter of the initiative for the establishment of TK45, for the realization of which it received great support from ISRSM.


At the session, CEIM was appointed President of TC 45.