Find out more about the CINDERELA project


Find out more about the CINDERELA project

CINDERELA (New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction) is a large-scale demonstration project implemented under the flagship of the Horizon 2020 EU Programme. The objective for the project is to design and demonstrate under real conditions a circular economy business model dedicated to the urban construction sector called CinderCEBM. The model will enable the production of construction products using Secondary Raw Materials (SRM) recovered from different waste types available in urban and semi-urban areas and their application in urban construction services in a technically feasible and economically viable way. The SRM based construction materials will include manufactured aggregates, soil and building composites.


The project aims to:
• create new business opportunities for the construction industry and SMEs based on a resourceful use of available materials locally/regionally,
• provide evidence-based knowledge on the enabling framework conditions for design, production and use of SRM based construction materials,
• help build confidence in innovative SRM based construction materials by providing reliable test data on their performance based on testing protocols in line with the construction sector requirements,
• mobilise stakeholders and resources for circular economy implementation in the construction sector on the local/regional level.


To achieve these objectives, CINDERELA will investigate and valorise the potential of waste streams available in urban and semi-urban areas, develop and test new SRM based construction materials and their manufacturing technologies and demonstrate their applications in real urban construction projects. The business model to be developed will serve as an enabler of economic opportunities based on these concepts together with a digital knowledge and cooperation platform facilitating its implementation in regions and cities. The sustainability aspects of the business model will be validated with the environmental, economic and social assessment through the whole lifecycle (LCA, LCC and S-LCA).


CINDERELA has the ambition to reduce the environmental impacts along with the construction value and supply chain by 20%. It will also help increase the competitiveness of construction companies by providing an opportunity to make their services more sustainable. This will happen by providing real environment tested solutions for reducing virgin material exploitation and converting wastes to products.


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