Kicevo-Ohrid A2 highway construction

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Construction of A4 Miladinovci-Sveti Nikole-Stip Highway

The A2/A3 highway from Kicevo - Podmolje - Ohrid is part of a larger program to build a European corridor 8, East - West throughout Macedonia. This section has a total length of 57km. The construction started in March 2014 and should be completed within 45 months. As part of this highway there will be two tunnels constructed with a length of 3.969m in total, and 54 bridges, viaducts, overpasses and underpasses. Fifteen of the bridges and viaducts will be over 15m. The value of supervising this project is worth 8.5 million euros and the client is the federal government of the Republic of Macedonia - the Fund for National and Regional Roads.