Asphalt, Concrete, Steel, Binders and Constructions Sector

The services of the Asphalt, Concrete, Steel, Binders and Constructions Sector are to:

  • Conduct tests on the composition of concrete mixtures and conducts standard tests on different concrete materials.
  • Ensure the implementation of the technical tests if there are materials and components on existing constructions.
  • Organise and conducts quality non-destructive tests and measurements for evaluating the degree of safety for all the different structural and non-structural elements on existing constructions.  
  • Control concrete mixtures by implementing consistency and workability of on-site tests that are unrestricted and with unlimited flow, vibration and compactness.
  • Provide building material samples on-site and/or fresh concrete for the laboratory tests.
  • Prepare and test the core concrete taken out from different existing concrete structures.
  • Prepare studies, analyses and reports for materials testing.
  • Prepare reports and standardised laboratory documents from quality testing of materials.
  • Prepare the statistical analyses reports from the laboratory and on-site data.
  • Prepare the interim reports from any repeated tests, organises the technical reporting of the construction materials tests, and evaluates the state of the materials.
  • Ensure that the quality standards and the accredited procedures for laboratory and on-site testing will be adhered to.
  • Provide advice on the quality standards of the materials and for possible improvements.