Asphalts, Geo-mechanics and Isolation Sector

The services of the Asphalts, Geo-mechanics and Isolation Sector are to:

  • Conduct tests on asphalt, bitumen and isolation materials.
  • Conduct tests on the foundation structures, bearing walls and materials for roads.
  • Prepare analyses on the content of the mixtures, quality control during the construction process, and quality testing of the products’ performances.
  • Implement qualitative testing of soils including the size of the particles, consolidation, pH value, humidity, dryness, permeability, and the relative amounts of sand, clay and organic matter.
  • Conduct on-site testing including drilling, foundation analyses, discovery of faults and monitoring them, analyses of superficial and underground soil samples, cohesion, liquefaction and moisture susceptibility.
  • Prepare reports and standardised laboratory documents from the quality tests.
  • Prepare studies, analyses and reports about the materials testing.
  • Write reports about the analyses from the laboratory data.
  • Prepare interim reports on any repeated tests.
  • Ensure that the quality standards and the accredited procedures for laboratory and on-site testing will be adhered to.
  • Provide advice on the quality standards of the materials and for possible improvements.