Architecture Sector

The services of the Architecture Sector include the following.

  • Review and prepare physical plans and technical documentation.
  • Prepare detailed urban and spatial plans.
  • Prepare projects for acquiring building permits.
  • Conduct spatial analysis and project feasibility studies.
  • Provide advice, plans and technical documentation for traffic infrastructure and equipment.
  • Analyse and prepare studies on the environmental impact from certain structures such as roads, constructions, hydro-technics and industrial.
  • Design all kinds of building structures.
  • Provide consulting services for acquiring ecological permits.
  • Provide advice, expertise and review of the documentation in the area of environmental studies.
  • Prepare technological requirements for projects on landfills for urban, industrial and other types of solid waste.
  • Prepare technological requirements for projects on drinking water treatment stations and waste water treatment.
  • Design projects in the area of waste management.
  • Design and supervise the construction of landfills, waste collection, disposal and reusable centres.
  • Prepare studies on the environmental impact and analyses in the area of environment protection (water, air, waste and soil).
  • Provide landscape planning, expert supervision and landscape protection.