Civil Engineering Construction

Civil Engineering Construction Sector

The services of the Civil Engineering Sector include the following.

  • Create designs for civil engineering construction structures such as roads, streets, railways, bridges, tunnels and other types of concrete, steel and wall constructions.
  • Create structural designs of street constructions, traffic signalisation and equipment.
  • Perform the necessary tests and calculations during the design process, interprets the results and includes them in the technical drawings.
  • Conduct analyses of the elements and data in civil engineering construction designs, in order to make an assessment if the design is according to the standards and legal requirements.
  • Examine the drawings and other documents including calculations, assessments and reports in the review process.
  • Prepare project documentation including the construction processes and directions.
  • Collaborate with the other sectors within the Civil Engineering Institute of Macedonia, when working on multi-disciplinary projects and coordinates the activities from the initial testing phase to the final design phase.
  • Supervise the civil engineering construction structure projects, particularly the construction of roads which is a priority.
  • Coordinate the supervisory activities at the construction sites, including the project implementation.
  • Ensure the conduction of standard project controls and construction quality, via the supervision of the construction works, methodology statements, risk assessments, material controls and appropriate budgeting.
  • Supervise, coordinate and conduct a variety of administrative work, such as keeping up-to-date schedules and records of the construction process.
  • Provide information and services based on the requirements, and conducts administrative, investigatory and planning activities such as the preparation of statistical and financial information.
  • Write reports about the completed projects and other necessary information.
  • Evaluate the construction process and provides oral and written recommendations for any necessary improvements.
  • Check the progress of the construction process, verifies the consistency with the requirements and project documentation, and determines the quality of the work done.
  • Ensure the provision of orders, and provides direction and advice about the materials and other elements of the structure.
  • Provide the contractors with project directions, the policy, procedures and techniques.
  • Check the supplies that are necessary for the construction process including materials, equipment and tools.
  • Determine the resources needed in the construction process, and provides recommendations relating to equipment, tools, materials and human resources.
  • Prepare complete, accurate and timely project reports, notes and logs.
  • Provide advice and recommendations for altering the practices and/or procedures when necessary.