Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

A culture of thinkers and makers.

The Civil Engineering Institute of Macedonia (CEIM) was founded in 1975, offering engineering services. Almost 40 years later the landscape has changed dramatically – our industry has evolved, our clients and partners businesses and their challenges have become more complex, the community is requiring corporate social responsibility to be addressed, consumer behaviour has changed – and we have changed.

Yet, almost 40 years ago CEIM was started by a group of engineers with the belief that the Institute will create a unique brand that will offer services in all areas of civil engineering “all under one roof”, starting from planning, research, design, quality control to supervision and construction. There was also belief that intuitive and engaging experiences will help move our clients and partners businesses forward – and we still believe that today.

At our core, we are a culture of thinkers and makers. We have a strong history of developing insightful strategies generated on the ever-changing consumer and market behaviours, needs and trends. We turn those insights and strategies into innovative, practical and sustainable offerings and experiences that all our stakeholders can ultimately benefit from.

Our strong history and track record in civil engineering excellence speaks for itself.