Corporative Services

Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services department provides the Civil Engineering Institute of Macedonia (CEIM) with essential support services and drives internal practice consistency. It delivers critical corporate functions such as Marketing, Service Support, Legal and Public Policy, Finance, Human Resources, Information and Computer Technology (ICT), Service Support and Administrative Support.

  • Human Resources – provides a comprehensive suite of HR management and advisory services including performance management, professional development, recruitment and selection, and occupational health and safety.
  • Financial Services – delivers a range of financial and budget services through systems, processes and reports.
  • Information and Computer Technology (ICT) - supports the achievement of CEIM activities through allocating appropriate technology infrastructure, and improving electronic collaboration, workflow and electronic records management.
  • Marketing – works closely with operations, research and development, finance, human resources and other departments in order to ensure that their plans are possible. These plans can enhance the services, attract new clients and partners, and research the industry.
  • Service Support – provides internal and external services support in order to ensure the efficient and effective work of the Institute.
  • Legal and Public Policy – provides legal services for the Institute, taking into account the interests of stakeholders and the public policies including corporate social responsibility.
  • Administration – deals with all administration tasks for the Institute such as mail handling and dealing with enquiries to maintaining the Institute’s premises, equipment and security.