Soil, rock and water form the core foundations upon which our infrastructure is built. Specialist knowledge of these materials during the early planning phases of a project through to design and construction can ensure success, whether it is a building, a road, a tunnel or a water structure.

At CEIM, the Geo-technics department provides a wide range of specialist geotechnical engineering services, under the two main sectors of Geo-mechanics and Geology. Each sector allocates responsibilities for the different functions and processes that are needed to be achieved.

We assist our clients and partners to manage their projects in the following areas:

  • Geo-mechanical research
  • Protection for foundation pit engineering
  • Foundation engineering
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Landslide analysis
  • Grout works
  • Engineering geology
  • Hydrogeology investigations
  • Geophysics exploration
  • Raw mineral deposits
  • Environmental engineering and consultancy
  • Mining

Our employees are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of professional knowledge to achieve extraordinary outcomes in geotechnical engineering by combining cost-effective solutions with technical excellence.

For any enquiries relating to our geo-technics expertise and services, please contact us at +389 2 30 63 040 or email us at

Organisational Structure