Geology Sector

The services of the Geology Sector include the following.

  • Ensure the implementation of basic and detailed geological research works, design, supervision, reviews and project consultations.
  • Conduct geological, engineering geology and hydrogeological research as a basis for the design and construction of all kinds of structures.
  • Prepare geological, geological engineering and hydrogeological maps, analyses, studies and designs.
  • Conduct geological research on locations and deposits of natural building materials.
  • Conduct hydrogeological research for exploitaton of underground water.
  • Prepare hydrogeological maps, analyses and studies, and provides expertise on researching and utilising thermal and mineral waters.
  • Design and entirely constructs wells and well systems for water supply of communities and industrial capacities.
  • Review the technical documentation of proejcts and analyses the areas of geology, engineering geology and hydrogeology.
  • Conduct geophysical research and testing.
  • Conduct hydrogeological research in order to determine the degree of pollution and distribution of the pollution in the underground waters.
  • Conduct hydrogeological research in order to define the protection zones of the underground water sources.
  • Prepare fundamental geological engineering and hydrogeological maps on a national level.
  • Prepare ecological maps.