Geo-mechanics and Foundation

Geo-mechanics and Foundation Sector

The services of the Geo-mechanics and Foundation Sector include the following.

  • Ensure the implementation of geotechnical and research works, design, supervision, review and project consulting.
  • Perform geo-mechanical and research works as a basis for preparing designs for the foundation of all kinds of structures.
  • Conduct research works, prepares designs and organises construction works for the foundation land of all kinds of structures.
  • Prepare technical solutions, analyses and designs, and provides expertise in the area of foundations and geo-technics.
  • Review the geo-mechanics, foundations and geo-technics analyses and designs.
  • Supervise and conducts quality control during the construction process of all kinds of geotechnical structures.
  • Conduct research and designs for the restoration of landslides.
  • Conduct slope stability analysis.
  • Prepare designs for construction pit protection support and dewatering.