Employee stories

Employee stories

Working at CEIM inspires passion, commitment and satisfaction.

To help employees meet their career goals, we offer them a supportive, learning, and motivating environment with many opportunities to develop their potential, be empowered, and rewarded for their exceptional work. Following are a few brief stories from employees who enjoy their careers with us.


Mome Milanovski, Lead Engineer

“I joined CEIM many years ago as a civil engineer graduate and I have enjoyed being here! If you are passionate about what you do, then you will be good at it, and will be rewarded!”



Refedin Isaki, Commissionaire

“The friends you make here are for life and the hard work will be rewarded.”



Proke Stankovski, Technician

“People here at CEIM are professionals who are driven and focused on the activities and projects that they are working on. We motivate each other so that we always provide the best!”