Accredited Laboratories

CEIM has the most technically advanced and accredited civil engineering laboratories in the Republic of Macedonia.

The laboratories were established in 1975 and have been performing site investigations and testing for the entire spectrum of civil engineering projects throughout Macedonia, and even internationally. Almost 40 years on, and CEIM laboratories continue to enhance and assure quality control in the civil engineering industry through its efforts in the laboratory and at mobile laboratory sites.

We have 39 professionals working in our laboratories and they inspect, evaluate, and monitor client's and partner’s needs. Services are specially tailored to meet their needs such as structuring of testing programmes to meet particular design requirements, exploration of suitable building materials, laboratory and field-testing, and technical supervision on construction sites.

We have over 160 laboratory equipment at our perusal for our geo-mechanical, building materials and chemical laboratories, which are all accredited in accordance with the ISO 17025 procedures. This accreditation includes the following.
-    30 accredited methods for the ABK sector, which includes asphalt, concrete, steel, blinders and constructions;
-    17 accredited methods for the Asphalts, Geo-mechanics and Isolation (AGI) sector; and
-    19 methods for Aggregates, Stones and Ceramics Sector (AKK) sector.

Our structured proficiency testing programmes and frequent internal and external assessments ensures consistent reliable laboratory results. Therefore, the combination of CEIM’s wide range of specialised testing provides the civil engineering and related industries with the most comprehensive range of integrated advisory and technical services.

If you would like to find out more information about our laboratories, please contact them on +389 2 30 91 938 or at