AGI Sector (Asphalt, Geo-Mechanics and Insulations)

The services of the Asphalts, Geo-mechanics and Isolation Sector are to:

  • - Tests of asphalt, bitumen and insulating materials
  • - Previous geo-mechanical investigations and laboratory testing for the needs of Infrastructural and Basic Designs.
  • - Previous geotechnical laboratory testing to determine the bearing capacity of the ground for construction of foundations.
  • - Quality control and ongoing control of embedded materials in infrastructural facilities
  • - On-site testing of foundations, bearing walls and buildings in building construction and hydro-construction.
  • - Previous geo-mechanical testing to determine the physical-mechanical properties of materials and assess their usability in the construction of structures of civil engineering.
  • - Soil classification tests: natural moisture, natural bulk density, specific mass, granulation.
  • - Tests for defining the physical – mechanical properties of soil: internal friction angle, cohesion, module of compressibility, uniaxial compressive strength of coherent soil and filtration coefficient.  
  • - Chemical analyses of soil, organic substances content and carbonate content
  • - Preparation of previous composition of asphalt mixtures as well as testing of the physical–mechanical properties of embedded asphalt in the pavement structure, control and current testing.
  • - Monitoring of road asphalting
  • - Participation in the preparation of test sections for production of aggregate base and asphalt layers from pavement structures
  • - Complete testing of the properties of bitumen, bitumen hydro-isolation and systems.
  • - Preparation of reports and standardized laboratory documents from tests of quality.
  • - Designs for dimensioning pavement structures
  • - Preparation of studies and materials test reports.
  • - Preparation of reports on laboratory data analyses.
  • - Provides preparation of periodic reports of repeated trials.
  • - Guarantee of full application of quality standards and accredited procedures for laboratory and on-site testing.
  • - Consulting on material quality standards and opportunities to improve quality