Construction Works

Construction Works Sector

The services of the Construction Works Sector include the following.

  • Provides services for specialised executive projects in the area of civil engineering.
  • Handles the construction management, rehabilitation of structures and buildings, and conducts works in the area of construction specialist trades.
  • Conducts the reconstruction and the adaptation and repair of industrial, dwelling and other structures in building construction and civil engineering construction.
  • Conducts the repairs of the hydrotechnical structures including dams, banks, canals, pools, tunnels and reservoirs.
  • Provides protection from the corrosion of materials and constructions.
  • Provides the materials and constructions with fire protection.
  • Conducts the final works in the construction process, which includes the façade and isolation.
  • Constructs the industrial and sports building floors from epoxides, rubber, polyurethane, polyester, concrete and other materials.
  • Conducts a complete rehabilitation of the structures following disasters such as earthquakes, fires, explosions and landslides, and rehabilitation of a chemically aggressive environment.