Service and Support

Service and Support Sector

The services of the Service and Support Sector include the following.

  • Ensures high quality maintenance, the repair of equipment, machines and spare parts, and regular complete servicing and overhaul of light vehicles, drills engines, and interventions to aggregates and compressors.
  • Conducts metal cutting works for swages, threads, shafts, and drums for brakes.
  • Conducts locksmith works for exhausts welding, fabrication and repair of welded constructions, tool and crown sharpening, cutting, and welding of pipes with small and big perimeters.
  • Conducts auto-electric works including the repair of ignition coils, alternators and electrical installations for light and heavy vehicles.
  • Conducts electrical works including the installation and connection of electrical wiring in structures, connecting and maintaining on-site pumps, aggregates and other electrical devices, and repairing of smaller aggregates and devices in the workshops and laboratories.
  • Loading and transporting the required equipment to needed for on-site works in the Geotechnics department.
  • Conducts regular servicing and overhaul of the CEIM vehicles.
  • Ensures the implementation of an efficient fleet management system for the light duty vehicles, in order to provide functionality, control and security for all employees who utilise the company vehicles.
  • Ensures that the entire application of using company cars, as stated in the Rulebook, is adhered to.