Geo-mechanics and Foundation

Geo-mechanics and Foundation Sector

The services of the Geo-mechanics and Foundation Sector include the following.

  • - Geotechnical investigation works, design, supervision, review and consulting in geotechnics
  • - Full geo-mechanical investigations and testing, and preparation of Reports as a basis for drafting of designs of foundations for any type of structures of civil engineering and building construction
  • - Preparation of techno-economic solutions, designs and expertise on special foundations
  • - Complex geotechnical investigations and designs of remediation of landslides
  • - Designs on protection of deep construction pits from collapsing as well as dewatering designs – decreasing the groundwater level
  • - Slope stability analysis for different needs: Operational and final slopes in surface cuts, slope designing in a zone of high cut slopes at thoroughfares, determining optimal embankment and landfill slopes, dimensioning slopes of embankment dams, etc.
  • - Geo-mechanical investigation works, prepares designs and undertakes construction works to improve the ground bearing capacity for the foundations of different buildings
  • - Review of reports and designs in the field of geo-mechanics, foundation engineering and geotechnics
  • - Supervision and quality control during geotechnical investigation works as well as geotechnical supervision of the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams, thoroughfares, and so on
  • - Landslide monitoring and similar problems in geotechnical engineering through measuring installed inclinometer structures