Geology Sector

The services of the Geology Sector include the following.

  • - Basic and detailed geological investigation works as well as design, supervision, review and consulting in the field of geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology
  • - Full geological, hydrogeological and engineering–geological investigations and testing and preparation of reports as bases for designing any type of buildings
  • - Preparation of geological, hydrogeological and engineering–geological maps, reports, studies and projects
  • - Complex geological investigation works for deposits and borrow pits of natural construction
  • - Hydrogeological investigation works for exploitation of groundwater
  • - Design of hydrogeological maps, reports, studies and expertise on investigations and exploitation of thermal and mineral waters
  • - Design of wells and/or well systems for water supply of settlements and industrial complexes as well as consulting for installation of heating and cooling systems
  • - Review of technical documentation, reports and projects in the field of geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology
  • - Geophysical investigations and testing: Seismic refraction and reflection, vertical electrical probing, multi-electrode electrical tomography and so on
  • - Hydrogeological investigation works to define the degree of pollution as well as the distribution of groundwater pollution
  • - Hydrogeological investigation works for defining protected zones with springs and water supply systems
  • - Design of fundamental engineering – geological and hydrogeological maps at national level.