Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering Sector

 The Construction Engineering Sector has professional and experience personnel authorized for design and review of designs of I and II category in the field of Construction Engineering.  It is equipped with new technologies and it uses modern method in the preparation of design documentation in accordance with the standards and legal regulations.


The Construction Engineering Sector conducts work in the area of measuring, analysis, design and review for structures of construction engineering:

  • - 3D modelling of cadastral and topographic plans showing the position and elevation of the terrain
  • - Geodetic surveys during test loading of bridges, monitoring of verticality of antenna posts, calculation of earth masses
  • - Preparation of Basic Designs for Geodetic Works (operational polygon traverse, micro networks designs, designs for marking of structures, etc.)
  • - Prepares Conceptual and Basic Designs for: roads and city traffic arteries of first and second category, railways, pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, stock piles, landscape design, tunnels, etc.
  • - Designs of rehabilitation and reconstruction of structures of first and second category in the field of construction engineering.
  • - Traffic Studies, Conceptual and Basic Design for traffic signalization and equipment
  • - Testing, analysis and planning of city traffic networks
  • - 3D modelling, simulations and animations of construction engineering structures
  • - Multicriteria analysis, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, determining of capacity and throughput of construction engineering structures, etc.
  • - Review of construction engineering and traffic designs in order to control and improve the design solutions in accordance with the standards and legal regulations
  • - Consulting services related to the design of construction engineering structures
  • - Coordination and harmonization among the phases of the project and management of the preparation of the Basic Designs of construction engineering structures
  • - Preparation of technical solutions, technical specifications and Priced Bill of Quantities