Hydrotechnics Sector

The services of the Hydrotechnics Sector include the following.

  • Prepare the program, tender, investment and technical documentation for the hydrotechnics structures.
  • Prepare project documentation and review reports.
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative supervision of hydro-technical structures.
  • Collaborate with the relevant commissions for technical assessments and acceptance of the hydro-technical structures and hydro-installations.
  • Organise and mediate the construction of hydrotechnic structures.
  • Prepare studies and projects for river modelling and open water flows.
  • Prepare projects and designs for the water supply, sewerage systems and irrigation.
  • Provide services for road drainage including external drainage such as canals and drains, and internal drainage such as gutters, collectors and separators.
  • Provide consulting services in all project phases including planning, programming, concept designs, master and executive designs, and the supervision of the construction process.
  • Prepare studies, analyses, plans, designs and supervision of hydropower systems including hydropower plants, accumulations, dams and water construction facilities.
  • Design and supervises systems to protect them from floods, and for watercourse regulation of sewerage canals, accumulations, dams and water construction facilities.
  • Prepare studies, plans and designs for transport waterways such as ports and other port facilities.
  • Prepare studies, plans and designs for irrigation and water drainage systems, and supervises the process.
  • Prepare plans and designs for water supply systems in cities and communities, water drainage, water supply network, pumping stations, reservoirs, water treatment and processing devices.
  • Prepare plans and designs for sewerage projects such as drainage of waste and atmospheric water in cities and communities, siphons, underwater collectors, pumping stations, and structural facilities for sewerage systems.
  • Prepare studies, plans and designs for protecting our waters, water flows, facilities for water protection, devices for water purification and water drainage plugs.
  • Provide services for verifying the usability of pipelines, water conditioning and waste water purifying devices.
  • Prepare solutions for the dislocation and protection of water supply installations and sewerage.