Electro-mechanics Sector

The services of the Electromechanics Sector include the following.

  • Design all types of mechanical installations and devices for building construction structures.
  • Prepare project documentation, including the directions and procedures during the construction process.
  • Conduct analyses of the technical documentation for mechanical designs in building construction and conducts reviews according to the standards and legal regulations.
  • Supervise the mechanical work in building construction.
  • Evaluate the construction process and gives oral and written recommendations for any necessary improvements.
  • Check the progress of the construction process, verifies the consistency with the requirements and project documentation, and determines the quality of the completed works.
  • Provide contractors with directions, advice and recommendations for alterations and/or improvements as necessary.
  • Write reports and logs about the conducted supervision.
  • Design all types of electrical installations and devices for buildings and structures under construction.
  • Prepare the project documentation, including the procedures during the construction process.
  • Analyse the technical documentation of electricity designs in building construction.
  • Supervise the electrical works in building construction.