Message from our HR Manager

Message from our Human Resources Manager

We are a Civil Engineering Institute that is defined by our core values of Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, Integrity and Leadership. We are known for our culture of thinkers and makers due to our exceptional people.  People are central to everything we do. After all, our success as an Institute depends upon the success of our people.


Our 240 talented and dedicated professionals enable us to provide exemplary services to our clients and partners, and take on sustainable civil engineering practices by focusing on our stakeholder relationships, and environmental and community responsibilities.


We believe that people work their best when they are challenged, and when they have a clear, defined path for success. This is why we empower CEIM employees to take ownership of achieving their career goals and their development. Our diverse, challenging, rewarding and safe work environment ensures that our employees are engaged and have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.


Following are a few human resource principles that support employee development and drive accountability for moving the Institute forward.


Education and development
All employees are encouraged to invest in their professional development, in order to help them meet their career goals while maximising performance for current activities and projects. We also provide a comprehensive range of learning and development resources including individualised trainings and tailor-made programs in cooperation with a number of partners, as well as mentoring options to foster functional and technical excellence, encourage teamwork, promote CEIM values and enhance our ability to deliver results.


Talent Management
One of our main long-term planning goals at CEIM is to continue with our effective talent management processes, as they provide an integrated means of identifying, selecting, developing and retaining top talent within our Institute. To assist with this process, we prepare and implement specialised talent management programs in cooperation with the Research and Development Center, where creativity is encouraged so that it leads to innovative solutions.


Health and Safety
We provide high quality facilities in order to enhance healthy employee working conditions, and we continuously promote safe working conditions through consultation with the workforce and professionals in this field.