Research and Development Centre

Research and Development Centre

Objectives and duties of the Centre

The Research and Development Centre of CEIM was established with the general objective of initiating, encouraging and coordinate the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of the research and development activities of the company.

The Centre is a functional link between CEIM and IECE in the research, innovation and education projects.


Mission of the Centre

Using knowledge and experience as driving force for personal, professional and company development.


Organigram of the Centre



Functions of the Research & Development Centre

  • - planning and analytical activities for the strategic and operational programs of the business and technological development of the company,
  • - coordination and participation in the business and technological development activities,
  • - development of the HR infrastructure with a tendency for permanent involvement in the development activities.

Services of the Research & Development Centre

The Centre provides for special type of services in the following fields:

1) strategic consultancy for development, research and innovation projects,

2) development and actualization of research and innovation projects financed by national and international funds in collaboration with academic and scientific and research institutions, as well as other development centres in industrial companies,

3) commercialization of the research and innovation being implemented in the company, either independently or in collaboration with other institutions.


Competences of the Research & Development Centre:

  • - Activities of planning, research and data and information analysis for creation of long-term policies for development of the activities of the company,
  • - Responsible for improvement of the existing and development of new services for increasing of the company profit and achieving better market competitiveness,
  • - Initiating and giving proposals for research in collaboration with the departments and sectors in CEIM with the purpose of designing programs for quality planning and actualization of the company strategic goals,
  • - Coordination of the participation on national and international projects,
  • - Coordination of CEIM team for realization of the scientific-research projects in collaboration with IECE and other scientific institutions,
  • - Analysis of the opportunities from international funds for development, research and innovation projects.
  • - Support in promoting the development of services and improvement of the quality and competitiveness of the existing services.