Supervision sector

Supervision Sector

One of the sectors in the Engineering Department is the Supervision Sector which provides professional building supervision organized in such a way to enable successful completion of your project. Our experienced staff, composed of 35 experts in different fields, can successfully control and monitor each aspect of the building works in the field of building construction, civil engineering construction, hydro construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as give support to the Employer with administration of the contract with the Contractor.  

Our Supervision Team takes a constant care of the implementation of your project on time and on budget and in accordance with the valid laws, Rulebooks, Quality Standards and Rules of Professional Conduct.  

Our Supervision services include the following:

  • Expert review of the entire design documentation, giving recommendations for changes in the design documentation and Technical specifications which could be needed or desired during work or could reduce construction costs.
  • Monitoring the progress of works and suggesting measures to avoid all further delays as well as possible measures to compensate the lost time in the Project implementation,
  • Checking and establishing the quality and quantity of executed works, monthly and interim payment certificate control and financial monitoring of the Project implementation
  • Review and approval of all additional drawings, details and solutions, which are necessary for the works, prepared by the Contractor
  • Complete implementation of the design environment protection measures, including suggestions for additional activities needed to improve the environment protection,
  • Quality control of all materials and products, provided for the works as well as performance quality control
  • Checking and recommendations for the adequacy and authenticity of all orders, certificates, payments, insurance, warranty, compensations, ownership of machines, etc. which the Contractor is responsible for.
  • Analysis and giving recommendations for the prices and the amounts of all unforeseen work positions during construction, giving instructions and orders to the Contractor for care and security of the Employer's property
  • Organization and preparation of all the necessary reports and documentation for Technical Construction Site Audit and cooperation during the issuing of Handover Certificate,
  • Assistance and active participation in the process of land acquisition as well as other activities related to the giving access to the location of the upcoming construction site to the Contractor
  • Giving suggestions for solving possible disputes or various opinions between the Employer and the Contractor regarding the performance of works
  • Control, records and submission of the required documentation and consent to the Employer for release of fees and taxes (VAT, customs, excises, etc.) defined by Law