Values and principles



we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and performance, and strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.



we are constantly pursuing innovative ways to enhance our performance and deliver value to our clients, partners, shareholders, and the community. We will create, design, engineer, and execute progressive solutions, and use technology to help lead the industry forward.



we want to positively impact as many people, environments, processes and communities as possible though our long standing commitment towards corporate sustainability.



at all times we act with integrity and have the highest ethical standards. We are reliable and responsible for all of our decisions and actions and in meeting our commitments.



by embracing new opportunities and adapting our approaches to achieve the best results, we have showed that we have the courage to be a leader and shape the future of the civil engineering industry.




We will pursue the best possible economic return for our shareholders. However, in making economic decisions, we will have regard to the impact of these decisions on other stakeholders, including communities and the environment.


We are driven to achieve superior results for our clients through offering a full-range of value-added services in all areas of civil engineering. We will work together and have open communications with all our clients in order to maintain long term relationships. We are also committed to rewarding our clients’ trust through the highest achievable professional and ethical standards.


We strive to recruit, select, develop and retain the best talent in our industry. We create a safe, diverse, challenging and rewarding environment, and will encourage our employees to reach their career goals and full growth potential through developing their skills via training and mentoring opportunities.


Corporate and business partners make a crucial contribution to our work. We know that for these partnerships to work well, trust needs to be built and we need to allow for flexibility due to changing economic times.  As a result, we will collaborate in order to design a partnership which will deliver mutually beneficial outcomes and meet business requirements.


We will invest in our communities through direct initiatives such as humanitarian work, developing sustainable services, implementing optimal risk management strategies, and educating the new generations with the desired skills and expertise in this industry, in order to create better living solutions for our communities.


We are committed to operating our Institute in an increasingly sustainable manner and will seek to reduce our negative environmental impact year on year.