Rehabilitation of pipeline

On 24.04.2020 In the premises of MEC Bitola, the affiliated group: Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia JSC Skopje and BV Engineering LLC Bitola made a presentation of the created design for Rehabilitation of the pipeline from T3 MEC Bitola to Suvodol.

Repairing sand filter

Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia JSC Skopje as Supply Holder (JV Partners: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje and BV Engineering LLC Bitola), successfully finished the design for repairing filter 4, MEC Bitola in all three positions, that were subject of the Contract. Designing, reviewing and performance.

Interview with the General Director of CEIM

This year we mark the 45th anniversary of the establishment of our company. Civil Engineering Institute “Macedonia” JSC Skopje or popularly CEIM, was founded back in 1975 as a laboratory for testing materials with few employees, little equipment, but with great vision. Thanks to the vision of our predecessors, dedicated engineers and technicians, with a clear determination to be a leader in our field, we managed to build a unique brand, known as “Everything in one place”, starting from planning, research, design, quality control, supervision and construction.